Friday, December 16, 2011

Great Cinematic Dastardly Steampunks Number One; Dr. Loveless

Dr. Loveless as depicted by most excellent thespian : Mr. Kennith Brannah
 in the entertaining flicker-"Wild Wild West"

Master of Mechanisms, Would be userper of the American republic and
Lord of a giant spider conveyance. A man to aspire to!

Artificial Intelligence?

Mister Edison astounds yet again!
It seems the famed inventor has combined
 his mechanically marvelous Phonograph
(Pictured below)

With the innocence and playfulness of youth.
He and his assembled men of mental might 
have developed a child's plaything that actually talks!

I ask you dear readers,
With innovations such as this alive in the world,
Can my dream of world dominating automatons
be far away?